How To Clean A Deck- The Dos & Don´ts

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February 27, 2022
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February 27, 2022

How To Clean A Deck- The Dos & Don´ts

Wood decks should be kept clean and well taken care of as this is a major component in any home. The first step towards having a beautiful deck is understanding all the dos and don’ts related to cleaning it and deck power washing.

For wood boards to have that natural sheen, you must take good care of them through proper maintenance procedures. Even the simplest tips can give you a finer-looking surface and optimal deck cleanliness. If you need more information on how to go about taking care of your wood deck, you might want to read the following dos and don’ts:

Do – Know What Type Of Wood Your Deck Is Made Up From 

Ensure that you know what type of wood you’re working with before you start cleaning it- this will prevent any surface damage, especially if you’re dealing with exotic hardwoods. Try to find the manufacturer’s label that would usually be attached to the structure for this information instead of just randomly picking a wood cleaner or product off the shelf.

Do- Clean It Thoroughly At Least Once A Year

Your deck should be exfoliated once a year to allow protective sealers to penetrate deeper into the wood. Apply an adequate deck-cleaning solution with a roller or sprayer while it’s dried and relatively warm—60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit—to kill mold and germs. Scrub the deck with a utility brush. Then wash it.

Do – Invest In Quality Products Instead Of “Bargain” Cleaners/Paints

While it may seem like an economical choice at first glance, bargain interior paints usually lack the UV protection needed to prevent discoloration over time. The same can be said about cleaners- using substitutes may cost you more in the long run as this will cause early wear and tear of your deck.

Do – Make Proper Repairs Before Getting Down To Staining Or Painting

A damaged wood structure should be repaired immediately; this would mean filling in nail holes, sanding off splinters, etc., so that your finished product doesn’t look sloppy.

Do- Sand It Before Sealing

The deck can take up to 48 hours to dry completely. After that, softly sand the surface to eliminate any splintery or fuzzy patches leftover from the pressure-washing. Power sanders are overkill; a pole sander with 80-grit sandpaper would suffice. The deck should then be sealed to prevent cracking, cupping, and warping. A clear sealer lasts longer than a colored stain or sealant, fades quickly in high-traffic areas.

Here Are Some Of The Donts You Need To Keep In Mind When Cleaning Your Deck

Don’t – Use Harsh Chemicals To Clean Your Deck.

Aggressive cleaners can cause major damage to wood decks, especially if it has been previously treated- this is why one must find out the composition of their wood surface before proceeding with any cleaning procedures. DO NOT use chlorine bleach to clean the deck unless you don’t mind removing the wood’s natural color and causing damage to its cellular structure. Although oxygen bleach is an all-purpose cleaner that won’t fade colors or harm plants, it isn’t suitable for redwood.

Don’t – Forget All The Other Materials That Are Usually Associated With Your Deck

Apart from wood decks, certain other components could be found beneath them which need to be dealt with when doing outdoor renovations- for instance, if you have a wooden railing system or any metal components attached to it, make sure that they too are properly cleaned before application of paint or sealers. Make use of the same techniques described above for proper care and maintenance.

Don’t – Forget About Protection From Moisture When Sealing Your Deck Or Finishing It Off With Paint

If you want to retain maximum durability of your finished exterior paint job, adequate protection is needed against moisture penetration into the wood surface; make sure both the paint and the sealant you choose offer such protection.

Don’t Overuse the Power Washing Machine

While a pressure washer might save time and labor, it can also make your deck look like wood-boring beetle larvae have been at work. If you don’t have experience handling a power washing machine, better leave the job to professionals. You might want to save some money and cut some corners but could end up paying more due to lack of experience.

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